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Product Description

Sand Washing Machine

Whole Machine Parameter




Water Consumption

6-60t /H


Working Capacity


Water Wheel







Row Line Quantity


Reduction Box

Main Reduction Box Model




Chain Transmission




Product Description

The spiral sand washing machine is 1 of the main equipments of ZheJiang HangZhou Mining Machinery Manufactory.
Over the past decades, with the continuous practice of domestic and foreign markets, the gradual upgrading of ancillary products, the current sand washing equipment has become a mature assembly line equipment of our factory.


The sand washing machine is composed of gears, reducers, brackets, sedimentation tanks, impellers, pulleys, motors and other important parts.  
The transmission device:
It is composed of the electric motor, big and small belt pulleys, triangle belt and gear reducer.

Gear reducer:
speed ratio i=68.61, a whole sealing oil bath type. The gear is steel cylinder helical gears. The materials of the gear reducer are HT20-40 with industrial pad liner(δ=0.5mm). The liner is smeared withfluid sealant. The reasonable design of the gear and the gear reducer ensures the accuracy of transmission.

Screw arbor:
Screw diameter D=920mm, Thread pitchS=445mm, HeadZ =1, Cylinder number N=15.5. The materials of screw blade is Q235A, δ=8mm armor plate jointed continuously to the hollow shaft. The screw of each thread pitch iscomposed of 6 liners. Liner materials are high manganese cast steel (ZGMn13). The screw liner is connected by bolt, nut and screw blade. Hollow shaft is seamless pipe (219X22) which ensures intensity and rigidity. On the both side, jointing ring flange which is connected to lug and under-part bearing respectively. This structure meets the demand of sand to wash, separate, and classify and dehydrate fully.
It contains shell, input devices, right weir plates and left weir plates.Trough is steel plate jointed into water tight structure. Right and left weir plates and input devices are connected by bolt, nut, and grower washers. Right weir plate and left weir plate&=3(mm)rubber sheet for sealing. On the bottom of trough, it installs sheet bending machine on 1 side which keeps a suitable clearance with the out edge of the impeller in order to move particles forward. Another side is gutter used for discharging moisture from sand.
Overflow platecan be adjusted:
upgrade 1 or 2 weir plates, can curtail the valid length change the admission velocity of washing water, can increase working head and change overflow speed, getting rid of granule according to the demand of classification. Wire plates can provide compensation when trough’s location tilts by the mistakes of assembling and installment.

Working principle

This sand washer should be installed with an angle of 15 degree,under the water tub, 3 weir plates form the sediment pool, the screw head is immersed in this pool, the screw is driven by electric motor through reducer rotating continuously, the fresh water is feeding from porous plate at bottom of sediment pool, this machine have 3 functions of washing, dewatering, classifying. 

The sand is feeding into the sediment pool from the feeding box, with the help of rotating screw blade, the sand is turning, rolling and grinding each other to eliminate impurity and water-air layer around sand to facilitate de-water. The fresh water rising current from the porous plate carries foreign matter to water surface and overflow the weir plate, to finish washing processing.

The sand with bigger density is sunken down to tub bottom, the screw blade push this sand upwards, when passing through upper tub of proper length above water level, the water is draining into sedimentpool from another drainage ditch, the de-watered sand is out from the discharging opening.

 Material classifying is realized by overflowing the fine particle that does not meet the standard requirements. The controlling method is adjusting height of overflowing weir and adjusting speed of screw.

Product Parameters


Model XL508 XL610 XL762 XL915 2XL915
Spiral Dia (mm) 508 610 762 915 915
Sink Length (mm) 6705 7225 7620 7585 7585
Feeding Size (mm) ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10
Capacity (t/h) 20 40-50 50-75 100 200
Spiral Speed (r/min) 38 32 26 21 21
Motor Power (kw) 5.5 7.5 11 11 2*11
Water Consumption (t/h) 6-60 6-63 9-63 10-80 20-160
Dimension (mm) 8000*2343*1430 8000*2050*1400 8545*2650*3862 8500*2810*3600 8420*3765*3960
Weight (t) 2.67 3.80 5.23 6.27 11.11

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Detail:Standard containers, bare main machine, motors and small parts are packed in wooden cases.
Delivery Detail:Within 25 days HangZhou,ZheJiang ,ZheJiang and other ports.

Company Profile

ZheJiang HangZhou Mining Machinery Manufactory (in the past is local state-owned enterprises ),the company located in the western of HangZhou city,ZheJiang province.Our company was founded in 1956,subsidiary company have ZheJiang HangZhou Mining Machinery  CO., LTD,  ZheJiang Branch,  HangZhou casting plant, HangZhou processing factory.

After Sales Service

-Pre-sale services
Based on the clients’ request and budget, we will offer equipment pictures, working site videos, plant processing diagram, assemble drawings, foundation drawings, and plant layout. Clients are welcome to visit our factory, also our equipment working site from former clients. We will arrange cars, hotels and translators for the visiting customers.

 -Sale services
Our experienced technicians is available on the phone also the internet, clients can get instance guidance by telephone, email, online service anytime, anywhere. As clients’ request, we will send technician to the mine site to CZPT the installation, trial run test, and training operators until the plant works normally.

-after-sale service.
Equipment spares will be offered with manufacturing cost in at least 10 years since the order is placed. To establish long term cooperation, we will regularly call and email our clients, to check the equipment working condition, offer suggestions for maintenance, and if necessary we will pay a visit to clients to solve the problems caused during equipment working.

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composite pulley

A composite pulley is a mechanical system where 2 or more pulleys and ropes are connected together. It reduces the force required to lift the load because the force is divided by the distance of each pulley. Distance is equal to the mass of the object. Composite pulleys are a common mechanical system on sailboats. Composite pulleys can be used to lift heavy equipment such as sails.
The compound pulley unit consists of 2 pulleys, 1 fixed and the other movable. The fixed pulley is fixed overhead, while the movable pulley is connected to the load by a chain. The lift applies force to the other end of the rope. Anchor points are attached to fixed joists, ceiling joists or sturdy branches. The chain should be long enough to support the load during lifting.
Composite pulleys can be made from a variety of materials. Some are fixed and remain fixed. Others are detachable. The composite pulley combines the advantages of both types, making it a versatile tool. In the table below, these 3 types of pulleys are compared. It’s easy to see which 1 is best for your needs. The right choice depends on your specific needs and budget.
The compound pulley system consists of 2 fixed pulleys and 1 movable pulley. The compound pulley system multiplies the force by a factor of 2. The compound pulley system is particularly suitable for heavy loads and is ideal for construction sites. Workers apply less than half the load force on the composite pulley, significantly reducing the force required. This is a major benefit for many people.

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Fixed pulleys can be used for a variety of purposes. One application is to lift small objects. They have a one-to-1 mechanical advantage. Often, a single pulley can lift small loads. The force required to lift a single fixed pulley remains the same. They are usually used to lift lighter objects. They can even be attached to buckets used to draw water from wells.
While single fixed pulleys have desirable mechanical advantages, they are not suitable for force multipliers. Because their mechanical advantage diminishes over time, they are not effective force multipliers. They are used to redirect work so that it can be applied in the most convenient direction. This mechanical advantage is the main advantage of fixed pulleys and the most common way of moving objects. They have several benefits, including the ability to increase the speed of moving objects.
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School flag raised with simple pulleys

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A simple pulley system consists of a primary pole, a secondary pole and an outer member. The primary flagpole is connected to the track by a detour, while the secondary flagpole is connected to the track by a pipe. There is a groove on 1 side of the track, which passes through the inner cavity of the flagpole. An open track at the upper end of the track connects the 2 parts of the pulley.
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cast iron pulley

If you are looking for pulleys for your machine, you may come across cast iron pulleys. They are usually cheap and available in a variety of sizes. The rim is held in place by a mesh attached to a central boss. The arms and spokes can be straight or curved, but most are oval. There are many uses for this type of pulley.
You might wonder why the arms of cast iron pulleys are so curved. Bent arms tend to yield rather than break. Cast iron pulleys are usually round with a slight bump on the rim, which helps keep the belt centered on the rim as it moves. On a 300mm diameter pulley, the bumps may be as small as 9mm.

China wholesaler Spiral Sand Washer Sand Washer Factory Directly Screw Sand Washer Washing Machine Supplier Price     with high qualityChina wholesaler Spiral Sand Washer Sand Washer Factory Directly Screw Sand Washer Washing Machine Supplier Price     with high quality